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Veganuary Cuts Fat and Cholesterol but Also Reduces Vitamins and Minerals

Meat-eaters who take part in Veganuary could cut their saturated fat and cholesterol intake but …Read more

A Leap Forward in Women’s Health: Unlocking Genetic Clues to Gestational Diabetes

A new study led by researchers from the University of Helsinki, along with colleagues at …Read more

School-Based Gardening and Food Programs May Support Healthier Food Attitudes Later in Life

Researchers at the George Washington (GW) University published the study in the January issue of …Read more

RESOURCE OF THE MONTH: Nutrinovo Launch NEW Patient Connect

A new way to send samples and receive valuable patient feedback

Patient Connect is …Read more

WEBINAR OF THE MONTH: Non-Sugar Sweeteners: Balancing the Debate

This webinar, led by registered dietitians Dr. Paul McArdle and Nichola Ludlam-Raine provides an insightful …Read more

Research Shows Plant-Based Diet Significantly Reduces the Risk of Developing Type Two Diabetes

Research led by Queen’s University Belfast has found that a substantial number of type two …Read more

Study Sheds Light on the Connection Between the Microbiome and Kidney Stones

A study from Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University published in the journal Microbiome …Read more

Moderate Low-Carbohydrate Diet is Beneficial for Adults with Type 1 Diabetes

A moderate low-carbohydrate diet for adults with type 1 diabetes has advantages over traditional diet. …Read more

New Research Finds Taste Perception of Ultra-Processed Foods No Better than Less Processed Foods

The study, led by Bristol’s Nutrition and Behaviour Group, wanted to test the common but …Read more

Eating Meals Early Could Reduce Cardiovascular Risk

Scientists have used data from 103,389 participants in the NutriNet-Santé cohort (79% of whom were …Read more

BNF Review on the Importance of Breakfast for School Children

A new review on the importance of breakfast for health and educational attainment in school-aged …Read more

Poor Nutrition Contributes to Poor Mental Health and Risk of Diabetes

People with diabetes (diabetes mellitus [DM]) are two-to-three times more likely to have depression than …Read more

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