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Pictorial Health Warnings Reduce Purchase of Sugary Drinks: Study

Research suggests that policies requiring pictorial health warnings on sugary drinks could reduce purchases of …Read more

New Approach can Help Identify Young Children Most at Risk of Obesity

Newly developed risk scores synthesise genetic information into an easy-to-interpret metric that could help clinicians …Read more

Just One Food Item Change Per Day Can Make Diets More Sustainable

If your New Year’s resolution is to eat better for the planet, a new study …Read more

NHS Food Scanner App to use Barcodes to Suggest Healthier Choices

An updated government app will use barcodes to encourage families to switch to healthier food …Read more

Study Shows Probiotics Could Help Long Covid Sufferers

A study has shown that two capsules a day of a probiotic combination could help …Read more

RESOURCE OF THE MONTH: Fortification Focus: Guide to Choosing a Milk Powder by Lakeland Dairies

Now you can easily understand the difference between the types of milk powders available for …Read more

Online Menus Should Put Healthy Food First

Women who see healthy food at the top of an online menu are between 30 …Read more

Prebiotics May Help Women Make Healthier Food Choices and Consume Less Sugar

A study from the University of Surrey has found that young women who took four …Read more

NHS Strikes Deal to Make Phenylketonuria Drug Available for All

The NHS have struck a deal to secure a non-branded, generic, version of the drug …Read more

Give FFP3 Masks to All NHS Staff: Doctors

NHS staff treating COVID-19 patients should be given the much more protective FFP3 face masks …Read more

Give Ugly Food a Chance: The Carrot’s Story

Study details strategies to boost sales of less than perfect root vegetables
Explaining the value …Read more

Pro-Inflammatory Diet is Associated with Increased Frailty Onset in Middle-Aged and Older Adults

Results of a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicate that regularly …Read more

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