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Family-Centred Nutrition Influences Diet Behaviours for Children with Autism

Children with autism benefit from group-based weight management
Adapting family-centred nutrition programs can positively influence …Read more

RESOURCE OF THE MONTH: N+ Education Hub powered by Nestlé Health Science

Connect, learn and develop on the N+ Hub, by Nestlé Health Science. With hundreds of …Read more

PODCAST OF THE MONTH: ‘Inside Medical Nutrition’ powered by Nestlé Health Science

This new podcast hosted by dietitian and sports nutritionist Dr Linia Patel welcomes expert guest …Read more

Processed Meat Linked to Rise in Diet-Related Illness

Impact greatest in northern and eastern Europe, Oceania and island nations of Caribbean, and health …Read more

Distinct Gut Bacterial Profile Identified which is Highly Responsive to IBS Dietary Therapy

Finding opens up potential for better management of IBS
People who respond well to the …Read more

Plant-Based Diet Eases Severity of Chronic Migraine

It may be worth adopting a plant-based diet, rich in dark green leafy vegetables, to …Read more

Blueberries Could Boost Cognitive Function Across All Ages: Study

Evidence from a review published in the International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition describes …Read more

Herbs, Spices Added to Meals May Lower Blood Pressure

Research has found that seasoning your food generously with herbs and spices may have benefits …Read more

Study Finds No Benefit of Enriched Formula Milks on Later Academic Performance 

School exam results were the same for children regardless of having had standard or modified …Read more

Can Eating Alone be Bad for Your Heart?

New study suggests that older women who eat alone have poorer nutritional knowledge and intake …Read more

COP26: Key Healthcare and Tech Firms Make Pledge to Decarbonise the Supply Chain of the NHS by 2045

An influential group of global healthcare and tech companies has pledged to decarbonise the NHS …Read more

RESOURCE OF THE MONTH: BSDA Low- and No-Calorie Sweeteners Toolkit

Introducing a new toolkit to help you separate fact from fiction about low- and no-calorie …Read more

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