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Diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids may help reduce headaches

Trial provides “grounds for optimism” for many people with persistent headaches
Eating a diet that …Read more

Drinking any type of coffee associated with reduced risk of chronic liver disease

Drinking coffee that is caffeinated (ground or instant) or decaffeinated is associated with a reduced …Read more

Cuts to children’s support centres in England linked to thousands more kids with obesity

Spending cuts to Sure Start children’s support centres in England have been linked to thousands …Read more

RESOURCE OF THE MONTH: NEW Dietetic PODCAST Series: The Dietetic Discussion

Nutrinovo are delighted to announce their support of a NEW podcast series, hosted by renowned …Read more

Need to improve dietetic representation in endometriosis

Endometriosis is a chronic gynaecological condition characterised by significant pain and infertility, which affects approximately …Read more

New funding for research into remote healthcare for eating disorders during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

Previous research has revealed concerns around the suitability of current remote healthcare.
Northumbria University health …Read more

Plant-based and/or fish diets may help lessen severity of COVID-19 infection

Associated with 73% and 59% lower odds, respectively, of moderate to severe disease.
Plant-based and/or …Read more

Malnutrition pathway launches new fact sheet to advise on dealing with patients with sarcopenia

In light of the increasing evidence on the importance of preserving muscle mass as we …Read more

British Nutrition Foundation survey reveals 62% of Britons have altered their diet to get healthier in the past year

A new survey commissioned by the British Nutrition Foundation reveals that 62% of Britons have …Read more

Low awareness of vitamin D could be putting the nation’s bone health at risk

Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones, but few people know how to get enough, …Read more

EVENT OF THE MONTH: Almond Research Roundtable: Weight management

Join the Almond Board of California for a roundtable webinar reviewing almond research into weight …Read more

Eating habits change only slightly after gestational diabetes diagnosis

Findings highlight disparities by race/ethnicity, education level, age and obesity status.
Pregnant women made only …Read more

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